Thursday, September 29, 2011

Theme Song Thursday (9)

After quite a hiatus of theme songs, I finally am able to get on my computer on a Thursday! High five for me! This week I am reading Ellen Hopkins new YA book, Perfect, which is a companion novel to Impulse. Both of these novels focus on the pressures of society and how different people cope with life. Impulse focuses on 3 teens who attempted suicide and end up in a rehab unit. Perfect deals with some of those left behind by the characters of Impulse and others that are dealing with maintaining the image of "perfection" as set by their environments. What better song to fit the book Perfect than a song called Perfect?

Alanis Morissette-Perfect

I think this song may be self-explanatory as to why it fits the book Perfect so...well...perfectly. Sorry, felt the need for a bad pun there *snickers*. It definitely showcases Cara's and Andre's relationships with their parents and how they can never live up to their expectations. Also who doesn't love some Alanis from time to time?

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