Upcoming Reviews

Review Pattern:
For each month, I progress through the alphabet one letter at a time. I just so happened to start this in the end of May/beginning of June and all the books I was reading at the time started with the letter E.  And thus my monthly review pattern was born!

Books from this page will transition over to my review archive as I read them. I try to read 5-10 books a month depending on how fast I get through them. I also like to read series in order, so if you want a book reviewed for a certain month, allow me time to read up to that point in the series. I also only have the next few months solidly planned out because I would like to read the more recently released books as they are published so each month's list is subject to change depending on what is released.  Feel free to add to my list as you see fit.

*Sorry guys, busy time of the year! Taking a break from the normal review schedule to get caught up with random books I received for review and life in general! What's up next? WHO KNOWS! ...dun dun DUN!*