Review Policy

 Thank you for taking interest in my blog and reviews! I am an avid reader of young adult books and probably always will be. I love to share my opinions on all the books I read, and all opinions are honest!

To any publishers and authors: I would love to read and review books for you! 

I primarily read YA books and would like to mainly review just those, but from time to time I do read children's literature and adult sci fi and fiction. I will give my honest opinion on any book I read whether it is good or not. I am a book hoarder and therefore would never sell an ARC. 

I will look at all requests but that does not guarantee a video and/or blog review of the book. I will try my best though! 

I do not have an eReader and therefore cannot accept eBooks at this time. That may change in the future though! Who knows! 

 If interested contact me at:

To anyone interested in requesting a review: Please do!

As you can see from my blog I enjoy most YA books so feel free to recommend/request me to do a review of a particular book. Please keep in mind I have a very tall "to read" pile all ready, and I am more than willing to add to it, but just know requested reviews may not occur for a while. But I will try my best to get to the most requested books in a timely manner. 

I will post up and coming books that I all ready plan to read next, so keep an eye out for those before you submit a request because it may all ready be in the works!

If interested, same contact info as above: