About Me



Stuff about me:

 -I am a twenty-something year old kid.
-I love to read...durr.
-I mainly read YA books but dabble in fiction, sci fi, and children's lit.
-I work in a bookstore, my paychecks rarely make it out the door.
-I am a huge PC gamer mainly FPS and Minecraft
-I ride horses like it's my job.
-I adopted a loudmouthed but adorable cat named Willow.
-I live in Pennsylvania and love that I get to experience all four seasons.
-I got "Capslock" from my initials (CAP). It also started as my gamertag and segued nicely into book blogging.
-I love giraffes, bright colors, pink starbursts, the smell of library books, rainy days, nighttime, getting packages in the mail, laughing, and being barefoot.