Friday, March 16, 2012

Back in Action!

Hey everyone!

So I know I disappeared from the blogging world for about three months. Life has been insanely busy for me. I went through the exhausting process of moving while working full time. I don't think I've ever been this tired but thrilled at the same time. I am finally settling into my new house and adjusting to living with good friends and a boatload of awesome animals. I brought my cat Willow with me and now live in a house with two big dogs, ten baby chicks in the garage, six rabbits and some babies in the yard, and sixteen horses in the barn along with six barn cats. Needless to say a day is never boring around here. My days usually start at 8am with barn chores and end around midnight when I get home from work. When does reading happen? For about five minutes at night when I attempt to get through a chapter but end up waking up with a book on my face. here are my goals for this year:
  1. Sleep more. Just because.
  2. Read more. I am going to actively try to set aside an hour a day to read. I would like to get back to reading about a book a week. I have a long commute to work now so I have two hours a day to listen to audiobooks so I'm on the right track! 
  3. Blog more. I am working on setting up a schedule of having a post up at least every other day even if they are short tag posts. I'm hoping to get one video up every week as well.
  4. Write more. I figure if I get a post, update, status or even tweet up everyday it will help me stay in the right mindset. I post on my rescue's sites a lot and if anyone is interested in following what I do with the horses I would be happy to link it.
  5. Ride more. Irrelevant to the YA book blogging world, I know. And I know it is what has been taken the place of reading and blogging but it keeps me sane and happy (and sore...sorry legs).
 And for any of you who are curious this is what has been keeping me so busy:

So that's it for now, expect some book hauls coming up (I kind of bought a bunch of books recently), a lot more posts, reviews, tags, updates and pictures! Thanks for sticking by me! 


    1. Hi, there!

      I'm your newest follower! I found you through Book Blogs, but let me tell you, there's something wrong with the link you posted. It doesn't take people to this post. Instead, it takes you to a Book Blogs group page, and this message appears: "Sorry, but this group does not exist." Just thought I'd let you know.

      How did I get to this post? I Googled your blog, and when I saw the post title, "Back In Action", I clicked on it.

      BTW, you're a VERY lucky girl!!! You get to work with HORSES. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE horses, but am not as lucky as you... the most I can do is read horse books... My big dream as a teen was to someday own a big, black Arabian stallion, like the one in the Walter Farley books. Sadly, that has not come to pass...

      Anyway, I'll stay tuned!! Lotsa luck combining your busy life with your blog!! I know what that's like, since I have TWO jobs myself!!

      Maria @

    2. Great pictures! And great goals. I have a schedule this year and it really helps.

    3. Hi, again, Chelsea! Thanks for following back!! : )


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