Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Firelight Review

Are forbidden love stories overdone? Yes. Do I still secretly devour every one I find? Yes. Firelight by Sophie Jordan may be another cliched "girl falls in love with boy who was destined to kill her" story but it was still all kinds of enjoyable. So instead of the stereotypical vampire romance, this time it comes to you with a refreshing new twist on the lovable storyline: dragons.

Jacinda is a draki, or a dragon shape-shifter. She is a rare fire-breather in her pride and it is all ready predetermined that she will become the mate of Cassian, the heartthrob of the pride. During a rebellious night with her best friend, she almost gets captured by hunters. Forced to leave by her mother who is trying to save her from the punishment from the draki, Jacinda finds herself thrown into modern teenage high school hell. Her twin sister who never got the ability to shift is ecstatic for finally fitting in and her mom tries to convince Jacinda to leave her draki self behind.

Enter Will. Adorable, intriguing and of course dangerous. Will is the hunter that let Jacinda escape in the opening sequence. Yet he does not know Jacinda was the beautiful dragon he let go, nor can he find out. So starts the romance.

As a whole this book was cute and fun. Nothing blew me away about it but I definitely loved reading it. 4 out 5 stars and I would say middle of the bookshelf. Now to anxiously await the sequel Vanish to find out where the cliffhanger ending will end up.

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