Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Eona Review

Whew was this book a rush. Eona by Alison Goodman is one of those standout sequels that I actually enjoyed more than its predecessor. Everything that Eon lacked in plot, Eona made up for in a big way. In no way did I think the first book was bad, it set a very good scene for this epic sequel. There was a lot of descriptions and backstory that brought you into the Asian inspired culture in Eon. It got you to fully appreciate the rules of the land and government Eona is a part of in order to prepare you for the intensity of the war she fights.

Eona picks up where Eon left off. Eona thought the worst of her problems was admitting to everyone that trusted her that she wasn't "Lord" Eon; she is mistaken. Not only does she have to deal with regaining her friends' trust but now the future of the empire and the dragons rests on her shoulders. High Lord Sethon plans to take over as ruler after the emperor dies and the government is overthrown. Eona joins Kygo, the rightful heir to the throne, in the resistance fighters' battle to prevent such a horrible leader from dominating the land. But Eona has not even come close to mastering her powers as a dragoneye and depends on Lord Ido, her enemy, to teach her.

In this fast-paced book, the dynamics of the world you are thrown into shift constantly. There is a constant fight for power amongst the characters and you never know who will come out on top. Through the struggle for power, a struggle to grow up and find love also surfaces. Finally romance starts to appear in this book. It is hinted at in Eon, but man does it show its face in Eona. The sexy scenes are few and far between but they are worth plowing through the book to get to. A love triangle begins to develop and you find yourself questioning your own sanity for being intrigued with the one male figure in said triangle.

You only grow fonder of the characters you came to love in the first book. Dela is an amazing friend and ally throughout both books. Ryko adds the weathered warrior/guardian position. Kygo becomes not only the good guy but the love interest; so of course we all love him. Lord Ido who was the antagonist becomes somewhat of a shady ally. Eona develops from a crippled girl pretending to be a boy into one of the strongest female protagonists I've ever read about.

Summary: fan-freakin-tastic. 5 out of 5, top shelf.

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