Thursday, August 25, 2011

Theme Song Thursday!

This week I am reading The Elfin Child by Philip J. Bell. It is about a boy in London who goes to stay with his aunt in the country for a bit. While there he discovers an elfin boy and is needed to help save the elfin race. He is thrown into this fantasy realm and feels like he is in way over his head. It is so far a great middle grade read about growing up and discovering fantasy.

Dessa-Children's Work

Dessa is a very talented member of Doomtree. This song is from her solo album called A Badly Broken Code. This song is about how we think of children as so innocent and naive when children really know more about the world than we do. They are forced to grow up too fast some times and see things that others don't. I feel like song is very fitting for this book because the boy is thrown in to help this world he was never a part of. He may grow up and discover himself through the process but a lot of pressure is put on him in the mean time.

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