Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Everfound Review

Euphoric. That's the word that popped into my mind as I closed the back cover of this book. I am not sure how to describe this book, or this series of books, and do it justice. I had mixed feelings about them the entire time I was reading and I still do but now I have so much appreciation for them. I never felt any significant attachment to the characters or story until the very end when I was overcome with feelings of relief and contentment. I almost feel like I went through my own transformation in Everlost through reading these books instead of following the characters'.

Where to even begin describing this story...
It is a tale of epic proportions to say the least. The third book in the Skinjacker trilogy starts off setting the scene for the the battle for the survival of both the living world and Everlost. Mary is an Interlight, in her 9 month sleep to be reborn again in Everlost. Milos has taken over her "army" in the meantime and prepares them for the war she has planned out which will ultimately destroy all life. Nick spends the book rediscovering himself after he literally melted into chocolate. Mikey is trying his hardest to capture his humanity and get back to Allie while harnessing his ability to morph. Johnnie-O and Charlie are stuck floating around the world in The Hinderberg and provide some sad comic relief sporatically. Allie gets introduced to a new character and learns how much more there is to do with skinjacking and continues her search to find out what her purpose is.

Speaking of new characters...
We are introduced to Jix at the very beginning of the book, who can furjack, or "skinjack" an animal. He is one of the coolest characters by far in this series. We also meet Clarence who is "half-lost" or a scar wraith. Both of which mean he is half in Everlost and half in the living world and can supposedly extinguish and Afterlife from existence. Very interesting improvement to Everlost's theories. Both of these characters quickly become key players in the story as a whole and I loved reading about both of them.

Yet again Shusterman has wowed me without me realizing it. Like I said earlier, I never was extremely attached to any of the characters, as in I wasn't dying to read it to find out what happens. But when I would sit down and read I would fly through this book. Going back to what I said in my previous reviews of Everlost and Everwild he creates a very dreamlike reading atmosphere. I don't feel sucked into the world of Everlost mainly because it is not told through first person and it jumps from character to character very quickly. But I felt like I was learning so much about this fantasy world that I really needed to absorb all the facts and theories Shusterman was throwing at me rather than focus on the plot.

So in the end I feel like this is a story that will stay with me solely on the fact that I learned so much and questioned so much about life and death. I know I will think back to this story every time I lose my train of thought...wait what was I saying? :P
And I do feel like I would recommend this series to anyone looking for an epic fantasy world that is not so different from our own but deals with bigger morals. 4 stars goes to this book, and the trilogy as a whole. Middle to top shelf to say the least.

Now to go ponder my existence.

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  1. you have definitely made me want to read this trilogy - great reviews!

    I also love the book covers, very...bleak. Yet shiny.