Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Introduction to Me!

Ello ello everyone! Just wanted to make my first blog post an intro to me, to really delve into the mind of Capslock...scary. To start off, my name is Chelsea, I am 20 years old (about to be 21) and I confess to being a bookaholic. I have always been a reader for as long as I can remember and so far that has not and will not change. I work in a bookstore and make coffee (to all you retail shoppers out there: be nice to your baristas). I am still in the "growing up stage" of my life and I plan to stay there. I don't really know what I want to do with my life as most 20 year olds don't. And to those out there that have a passion that they can turn into a career, more power to ya! Unfortunately most of my passions aren't something I can see myself making a living doing. I have always been an animal lover, primarily horses. I rode for many years as a kid and have recently gotten back into it and it makes me smiley face :D. I have an awesome cat named Willow that I adopted about a year ago. Love her to bits, but occasionally want to uppercut her when she sits on my face at 3 in the morning (don't worry I wouldn't actually do that). I love art and design, although I don't do it as much as I would like. I went to college for one year as an interior design major and had a love/hate relationship with it. Now I am in the paying back my student loans portion of life...which is poopy. I am a huge gamer. *gasp*...yes I am a girl and I love to game. I am primarily a PC gamer...the best kind...stupid consoles. Although I played me a lot of super nintendo back in the day. But I play mostly fps games and a whoooole long of minecraft.

I obviously love to read, I read mainly young adult and sci fi books. For the most part I stay with fiction books, but I have dabbled in some nonfiction. I am just getting into the YouTube scene even though I have been avidly watching vloggers for years now. As weird as it sounds, the first youtuber I got into was Blair, Juicystar07. I don't really know why I watched her videos, I wasn't really into makeup or tutorials, I just stumbled across them and from there my life was consumed by makeup gurus and daily vloggers.

Uh let's see...what else...some of my favorite things include: pink starbursts, Jack Conte music, the smell of library books, being barefoot, rainy days, fluffy blankets, getting packages in the mail, driving with the windows down, shopping for school supplies, Astronautalis, organizing my bookshelves, the smell of horses...I could go on for a while...lots of things make me happy.

I hope to make people smile or discover new great reads with this blog. This crazy internet world is taking over! Ahh!

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